Nirvana is a state of Serenity

Nirvana Studio and Mobile Spa

(New Service Outdoor Spa)
Nirvana Mobile Spa is a new company in Kelowna, B.C. The Nirvana Mobile Spa provides professional, confidential spa services in your home, hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, or workspace for your convenience at reasonable prices.

Nirvana Mobile Spa is set apart from other mobile services in that the portable equipment is brought to each location to have the complete spa service including supplies such as head caps, robes, sheets, and blankets.

Each client is assessed for their individual needs and satisfactions in the products used to create an environment to touch all five senses of the body. As a special gift, and every client is given a decadent piece of premium chocolate and lavender bag, also produced in Kelowna to show my appreciation for my client's support.

Nirvana Studio and Mobile Spa is licensed, insured, and is a member of the BC Industry of Cosmetology and Kelowna Chamber of Commerce.


Contact Nirvana Studio & Mobile Spa:

No Longer in Business
(250) 491-3129
(250) 317-5524

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